The warrant now held by the above Lodge firstly belonged to a Lodge in the 3rd Battalion Bredalbane Regiment with seventy members, and the Worshipful Master was Robert Whitten. By 1825/29 the warrant was working in Manor Cunningham, Co. Donegal, where it remained until 1888 when it is noted that no return was made to Grand Lodge that year. It was re-issued on Ist June 1892 to Bro. James Beattie for a Lodge in Markethill District. Mountnorris obtained the warrant on 11th June, 1906; issued to Bro. William John Scarr.

Unfortunately records of L.O.L. 346 only go back to August 1933, when Bro. Hugh Collins was Worshipful Master and Bro. James Wallace Deputy Master. The deeds of the Hall were obtained in 1933 and the land on which the Hall is built was given by Bro. William John Scarr of Killycarron, Loughgilly, Co. Armagh.

A Junior Lodge was formed on 2 1 st April, 1936.

The Senior Lodge was accompanied by the Brigade Band from Armagh on 12th July, 1935 who were paid £5.15.0 for their services. The Hall was used for dancing classes run by Bros. A. McMullen, G. Quinn and J. Black during 1940 and also the Coronation celebrations in the village of Mountnorris in 1953.
As no ’12th’ demonstrations were held during the war years the Lodge met each 12th and held a social evening.

The decision to purchase a new banner was made at a Lodge meeting on Friday, 4th January, 1946 and each Lodge member gave £l. towards the cost. Sister D. McNabb M.P. unfurled the new banner on 11th June 1949. Mountnorris Flute Band started up again in April, 1946, and accompanied the Lodge on 12th July 1946 to the demonstration in Markethill. Bro. Isaac Chambers from Loughgilly led the band and a Mr. Fred Denny from Poyntzpass taught. He cycled to each practice night regardless of the weather and a whip round was made to pay him which sometimes only amounted to 1/6 or 2 shillings. The venue in 1946 was Gosford Demesne and Tandragee District also paraded; Markethill District went to Tandragee on 12th July, 1947.

While the present Primary School in Mountnorris was being built the Orange Hall was used as classrooms by the Co. Armagh Education Committee.

At present the John Hunter Memorial Accordion Band accompany the Lodge each 12th July and use the hall on practice nights. It acquired this name in memory of the late Bro. John Hunter who was a tireless worker in the Lodge for many years.

On 22nd June 1990, a special evening was held in Mountnorris to celebrate the Centenary of the Hall being built and the Tercentenary of the Order. The guest speaker was Rt. Worshipful Bro. N. Hood, Co. Grand Master. A silver birch tree was also planted in the grounds of the Hall, and a Plaque unveiled to mark the occasion, by Worshipful Bro. Hood.