Kilbracks L.0.L. No. 119 is possibly one of the few Lodges within the District which has records available dating back to the year 1800. This Warrant number is included in the 1798 minute book of Grand Lodge. Lodge records show L.O.L.No.119 to be working in Markethill with sixty-three members, with the Worshipful Master, Brother Robert Aughaltree and the Deputy Master Brother James Cleeland.

Kilbracks Bible & Crown Defenders L.O.L.119 New Banner 2012

Kilbracks Bible & Crown Defenders L.O.L.119 Unfurl a new banner in 2012

The minute books from the years around 1834, show the Lodge to be meeting in a house in the townland of Lattery.

The Lodge over the years had many by-laws made, and detailed below are those implemented for the ’12th’ July, 1841:-

  1. Member not attending ’12th’ before 11.30 a.m. to be fined 6d.
  2. Member getting drunk to be fined one shilling.
  3. Member quarrelling in Lodge room on ’12th’ to be expelled for one year.
  4. Visiting member on the ’12th’ would pay two shillings 6d., for his exchange, with a line or a certificate.

The 1856 Minute Book records the Lodge meeting at a house in Corhammock, with Brother Benjamin Parr, W M and Brother David Scarr, D M. By 1876, the Lodge had moved to Kilbracks, with Brother William Agnew W M and Brother James Hutton, D M.
For the ’12th’ July, 1885 the following liquid refreshments were ordered:- 1 gallon whiskey – sixteen shillings; 2 bottles sherry wine – four shillings; 1/2 pint of malt – one shilling and two pence.

In the late 1920’s the Lodge decided to build a new Orange Hall; this was officially opened on the last Saturday in June, 1930.

A new Lodge banner was purchased in 1939 and around this time the Lodge had its own flute band.

The Anderson and Marshall families have always had a long association with the Lodge. Indeed Brother Edward Marshall was W.M. for twenty-three years. In 1972 a new banner was unfurled by Mrs. Jane Marshall, the Worshipful Master’s wife, and dedicated by Brother Rev. Dr. Scott of Ahorey Presbyterian Church.

On occasions in past years, the Lodge has carried Lambeg Drums at ’12th’ parades, and more recently, the Kilbracks Bible and Crown Defenders Junior L.0.L. No. 75 has accompanied the Lodge on parade; the Junior Lodge is under the jurisdiction of the District Lodge.