This is one of the the largest Lodges in Markethill District. The Lodge, under Warrant No. 936, was founded by the Rector of the Abbey Church, Cladymilltown Road, Kilcluney Townland – Rev. Hutchings; the title was “Kilclooney Temperance Volunteers”. It was in the 1920’s that the Warrant No. 936 was surrendered in order to obtain a lower one No. 132, which had belonged to another Lodge in Markethill District, and which had gone dormant  some time previously. Before this in 1798, No. 132 had been meeting in the Maze District of Co. Down.

Meetings in the early days were held in the Abbey Church Hall, the present Orange Hall being built in the early 1930’s. The foundation stones came from the Worshipful Master at the time, Bro. Thomas Johnston of Carricklane, and were drawn by horse and cart. The new Hall was opened on the third Saturday in June, 1934.

The Lodge has had four banners during this Century. A blue banner was obtained in the early 1900’s and this is still in the Lodge possession. A second banner was purchased in 1928, a third during the years after the Second World War, and the present one in 1969.

A member of the Lodge, Bro. Bob Walker, was among those murdered in the Kingsmills Massacre, in January 1976, when Republican terrorists ambushed a bus carrying workers home from Glenanne Factory; a memorial tablet was subsequently erected in the Orange Hall.

The Lodge has its own band, Kilcluney Volunteers Flute Band, which has won many trophies at band parades across the UK. The band has also been a fertile recruiting base for the Lodge, and this was evident in the 1980’s, leading to the Lodge reaching its current numerical strength.