In 1874 an Orange Warrant was issued to Bro. Joseph Maxwell Worshipful Master L.O.L. 133 under which he could hold Orange Lodge meetings at Glenanne.

In those days meetings were held in the barn at the home of Andrew Patterson, their meeting place therefore became known locally as “Pattersons Barn”, incidentally the building is still in use by the Patterson family. The building now used as an Orange Hall was constructed in 1859 for use as a school with dwelling house attached, on ground which at that time was part of the Gosford Estate.

The minute for June 19th, 1919, states that a new banner would be unfurled for ’12th’- July demonstration, no other details are given.

In the year 1921 the Lodge decided to purchase the property from the trustees of Gosford Estate.

In lighter vein – in December 1926 the Lodge decided to purchase small collarettes for use in the Lodge room; the reason given was that members always arrived for meetings minus their regalia – why this temporary lapse of memory should occur amongst so many once every month was never discovered.

Another banner was again unfurled on July 12th, 1949 and a new bannerette on 30th May, 1959 to celebrate the centenary of the Orange Hall.

The present banner was unfurled on the morning of July 12th, 1978.

In November 1988 a fire destroyed the residence attached to the hall and badly damaged the hall kitchen. After some deliberation it was decided to clear the site of the burned building and erect a new hall. No time was lost in getting this project under way, and the new hall was officially opened on Easter Monday, 1st April, 1991.

An extension to the hall was opened in 2011 and added a lodge room, updated toilet facilities and a refurbished kitchen.