Warrant No. 479 is noted in the first minute book of Grand Lodge, but no information is given. In the Register of Warrants dated 1825/29 it is noted that the Lodge is meeting in the Castledawson District of Co. Londonderry. The Rev. J. Graham reported on 30th January 1854 that the Lodge was Dormant and LOL 510 in Markethill District supposedly surrendered their warrant to obtain a lower number.

A new banner purchased from A. M. Purce of Randalstown, was unfurled by Bro. William Cordner on 12th July, 1927. During 1928-29 repairs were carried out to the Orange Hall, money to do same being raised by means of socials and a heavy subscription.

During the early 1930’s, the Lodge was led by Markethill Pipe Band. From 12th July 1934, and subsequent years, the Lodge was led by fife and drum. During those years, the Lodge held a party or social evening each 5th November; then, as now, the catering was in the hands of the Anderson family.

During the war, the Lodge met each ’12th’ evening, and had dinner together. In 1940, a request was received from a Captain Whiteside for use of the Hall for the Local Defence Volunteer force; the rental agreed was £1. Meetings were infrequent during the war years, and attendance was poor.

1950 saw an extension and repairs carried out to the Orange Hall.

On lst August 1958, it was agreed to purchase a new banner depicting “The Secret of England’s Greatness” and “King William III”.

The first drumming match, to be held by the Lodge, was in 1971, and organised by Bro. Ernest Sterritt; proceeds amounted to £20.

On the 12th July, 1988, the Lodge carried Lambeg Drums again, after a break of some 13 years.

In June 1989, the Lodge presented the Chaplain, Bro. Rev. William Bingham, with an inscribed Bible, following his licensing by the Presbyterian Church. Bro Bingham is Deputy Grand Chaplain of the County Grand Lodge and has taken a leading role in attempting to resolve the Drumcree stand-off, even addressing the Labour Party Conference to explain the Order’s case.

In 1990, the Lodge was devastated by the murder, outside Armagh, of Bro.David Sterritt, an RUC member. Bro. Sterritt was an enthusiastic and committed Orangeman and the members feel his loss deeply. This brief account of the Lodge history is dedicated to his memory.