This Warrant was first issued to a Lodge in County Monaghan in 1818, but was re-issued to a Lodge in Markethill District on 29th September, 1823, with John Milligan of Cavanagrove, Worshipful Master. The early meetings of the Lodge were held in John Milligan’s house and the Lodge assumed the title Cavanagrove L.O.L. The Lodge today still works under a Warrant dated 1st May, 1849, and issued to William Morgan. The Lodge then held its meetings at Morgan’s house, where the Warrant was hidden up the chimney in the “parlour” as soot and smoke marks can still be seen on it.

In July 1924, a new Banner was unfurled costing thirty-two pounds fifteen shillings. Other Banners were purchased in 1949 and one in 1961, at a cost of ninety-nine pounds.

No definite date can be given when the Orange Hall was built, but it seems probable that this was during the 1880s, on pursual of old maps. The Hall was widened and new floors fitted, and re-opened on 1st July, 1933. Again, the Hall was extended with new kitchen and toilet block, and re-opened by Sister Dinah McNabb M.P. during August 1955.

As well as having a fifer in the past, the Lodge had Lambeg Drums to accompany them on the ’12th’. At the Demonstration in Armagh in 1924 the Lodge was accompanied by no less than six Lambegs; such was the vibration from these drums while they were paraded through Scotch Street that it caused jewellery in a shop window to fall off their stands and some were damaged. The owner vowed that while he lived he would never allow the “Rock” Drums back into Armagh. This seems to have happened for the Lodge purchased Flutes and Drums with a view to start a Band, however, six years later the Band had ceased and Lambegs again accompanied the Lodge unto 1946 when the Band was again revived. At present the Lodge still have in their possession three Lambegs.

Tragically, the Lodge lost two of its members, Bro. Michael F. L. Marshall (R.U.C.), murdered by terrorists on 20th October, 1989 and Bro. Robert W. Crozier (U.D.R.) blown up in a bomb attack in May 1991 at the Glenanne U.D.R. Centre. Two separate memorials were unveiled and dedicated to their memory in the Hall.